Our Policies

· Please have client courtesy for the nail tech; I value the service provided, please clear your personal schedule15 minutes before appointment schedule. This includes:

* Time meeting up,

* Sanitation,

* Observation,

* Service, and survey.

If you do not have a 15-minute window, please reschedule.

· Please contact me if it appears that you are going to be late for your appointment. If you are expecting to be more than ten minutes late, I cannot guarantee services booked, but as always, I will make every effort to do so.

. Please leave a good 1 hour 30 minute window open before your schedule appointment. For example its 12:00 pm now please schedule service at 1:30 pm to give the tech time to look into booking schedule and get to you at a descent time.

· If you think you are sick before service please call and reschedule.

· Before service; I will spend 12 minutes visibly sanitizing my working station. And respectfully ask that you sanitize your hands (you can wash them or use hand sanitizer.)

· During service I ask to the minimum, you do not touch your hair, face, phone, or dig in your bag. This is for sanitation and time management purposes.

· Please do not eat during services. I will allow a closed top beverage.

· Inform me if you are allergic to any chemicals or substances before the receiving any service.

· Inform me immediately if you have any concern that you might have about any infection or any other abnormal reaction or condition.

· If you have any questions on how to care for your nails please ask the nail technician.

· Damaged, torn or injured skin on or around your nail plate during observation. I will refuse service.

· I will not remove a broken nail that lifted and broken the skin

· If you are cut during service I will simply perform first aid and discontinue service on that injured finger. I will refund 50% (.5) your money and complete service on un-injured fingers.

· If your nails become scratched or have a miscue-shaped; I will fix it; if you notify me at which you received the service within 24 hours of the service.

· I will not offer any refund or credit note because you have simply changed your mind.

· I will re-do any service at no cost to you if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the work I did provide.

· I respectfully ask that you tell me immediately after I've performed the service that you are unhappy with the quality of the work.

· At the end of your service appointment, if there are no issues to address; this means you have accepted the service and happy with the service provided to your nails.

· I will charge for the costs of any repairs, replacements or damage that you have caused. (For example: due to your own lack of care your nails, or the finish to your nails, they are damaged (in that they are broken, chipped or start to lift).

· After service (optional) ask that you take a moment and fill out a survey of your service.

· Please rebook 2 to 2 ½ weeks after your service, I will not perform a full service earlier than that time frame.

· I ask for no child is permitted service unless she/he has an appointment and is accompanied by an adult not being concurrently serviced. This statement is asked only if you as a client has service done in my office.

· Because preteens and teens are at that age where a manicure or pedicure is considered “cool,” Implementing this policy requires a written consent from an adult for services on any child under 18.

· I will not do artificial nail enhancements on anyone under 18 years of age, this includes UV Lamp Gel services. Unless permission from the parent.

· The parent or guardian is required to come in to sign this waiver on their behalf (aged under 18)

Parent: ____________________ Minor_____________________


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Our Flexible Nail Salon Policy

At Black Polish, we do our best to make sure all your needs are taken care of. If you have to cancel or change your appointment, just let us know. If you inform us less than 24 hours before your scheduled time, we have to charge an administration fee and cannot guarantee we’ll be able to slot you in. Want to find out more? Get in touch.