About Us

Black Polish became vision when I developed an unquestionable goal to find an occupation that defines me. No matter how long, or how hard I worked in the past; the normal wage cap, time frame, and limited expectations had me sensationally restricted for my true profession. I longed to illustrate beauty amenities and create happiness surrounding my work environment. So, during November of 2019, Black Polish LLC was united from lessons I learned inside the nail service academy.

As I cultured nail service skills in cosmetology, the motivation to freelance nail service within and outside the salon came into the making. This vision shaped an undeniably stimulation to have purpose for something new and improved. To crave this undivided independence for success; my dreams did shatter when the Covid-19 hit. I was determined not to become discouraged. Nonetheless I became more aggressive to keep pushing the vision to satisfy my desires. And I learned a long with time, that UV-Light has its benefits to nail salon industry. Did you know that with the right conditions and proper installation, UV lights that used during service can be very effective at killing viruses, mold, and bacteria?

Not only does UV-Light secure the worries of germs, UV-Light service also provides a low order service within builder gel and or gel polish.


Black Polish

Black Polish LLC owner: Lynn Love
Education: 7 Year Experienced CNA, Medical Administration.
Nail Tech state License since 2019,
Barbicide Certification.
Covid-19 Vaccinated.

Nail Polish